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Physician-assisted Suicide – Law in New Zealand


The commentary which can be accessed at the link below was intended for publication in 1997 but somehow I never got round to it.  Back then,  physician-assisted suicide was quite topical as part of the wider “death with dignity” debate in New Zealand and other countries.  (The issue appears to have gone on the back-burner for now but, being of eternal currency, it’s bound to come back in some shape or form.)

Despite its antiquity, I’ve thought to upload the commentary to my blogsite because, although more than a decade has passed since I penned it, my impression is that there has been little change in the legal position in NZ.  Certainly the statutory form of the applicable crimes – assisting suicide and murder – has not been altered.  In a few places, I’ve added some updated comments – these are contained within square brackets.  Otherwise the commentary is as written in 1997.

Physician Assisted Suicide Commentary – opens in a new window


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