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Troyan Hopeful In Pothole Nationals


Troyan in with a chance in Bulgaria’s National Pothole Competition

(translated from and reprinted by kind permission of “Troyan Voice” newspaper)

Troyan municipality has good prospects of doing well in the 2010 National Pothole Competition, according to Dinko Dupkatov, chairman of the Troyan regional selection committee.  Gospodin Engineer Dupkatov, a retired engineer of roads living these days in Novo Staro Selo, explained that the selected entry for Troyan in the national competition will be the pothole which scores highest according to several judging criteria.  And, enthused Dupkatov, Troyan and its surrounding villages are endowed with a rich choice of both virgin and multi-generational pothole colonies.

“It is not just the size and depth of the pothole which is critical, though of course these are important factors” explained Gospodin Dupkatov.  “A small hole, even if deep, is unlikely to impress the judges at the national level.  To be a serious contender, our pothole should be at least 80 centimetres wide and if possible up to 20 centimetres at its deepest point.  It is also very good for the selected pothole to be part of a wider ‘family’, the relative locations of which make it impossible for a vehicle to pass without entering at least two of them simultaneously.”

Engineer Dupkatov went on to explain that, in addition to size and depth, the most important criteria are the asthetic features of the pothole.  “To have any chance of winning the national competition, our candidate should speak to the judges in a special way”, said Dupkatov.  “For example, last year’s winning entry – from a street in Pernik – was an exact replica of the former Soviet Union, including Sakhalin Island as a satellite hole, and scored very highly under both of the categories for ‘Symbolism’ and ‘Nostalgia'”.

The search is now on for Troyan’s entry and the selection committee is urging citizens of the city and surrounding villages to come forward with candidate potholes for consideration. A final word from Engineer Dupkatov:  “We are very aware that the characteristics of a pothole can change quite quickly.  A possible national winner one day can be an also-ran the next.  So we have established a flying squad of inspectors, based at the municipal offices, who can travel to a nominated pothole at very short notice and take the necessary photographs and technical details.  Please, if you think your street has the country’s best pothole, call us without delay.”

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